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MNeal3MNeal3 Posts: 11
I am still having issues with the reward amounts. only getting 50 fairy dust every time. I am playing on my Dell laptop, thru the Facebook portal. I was told at one point to make sure i cleared cookies, but that made it worse. Please help. Tried going to link from Queen Mia's post about badge issues and it wouldn't let me go to page. I play this game every day and is my way to relax.. and well I know it's silly, but this is stressing me out. I just want this to be fixed.


  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 4,827 Community Manager
    Hello @MNeal3 and really sorry for the delay in the response. 

    Do you by any chance play on 2 different devices? Cause that could cause the problem. 
    If not, please let me know your game ID as well as the device/platform you're playing on for us to be able to investigate. 

    Please make sure you have the latest version of the game installed as well - Let me know which one you have.

    Thank you :star: 

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