My account has been merged with another one!!! We need them split back!

Meli-3Meli-3 Posts: 29 Level 2
So 2 accounts that sometimes are being used to play on a shared device.
one was King only
one was facebook/king
now suddenly they have been merged.
log in with either of the king mail credentials or fb credentials -> same user id
who owns/controls the account now??
We want them split back, I had more stars in BBW3 but few boosters,  the other had less stars but HUNDREDS of boosters. Now both have the stars and neither has the boosters, we liked it the way we had it.

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  • Meli-3Meli-3 Posts: 29 Level 2
    one is 6724120591, the other one is "lost"
    I don't know which account this was originally referring to, both logins now land us on this ID
    I could PM you the emails if needed

  • LadyRaffieLadyRaffie Posts: 1,321 Community Manager
    Hello @Meli-3 :) 

    Talked with tech and according to what they told me, your issue can happen when multiple players are playing on the same device and you are not logging out of your account. When you go back to play, if one of the users are at a higher level, the game will merge both accounts so you can play on this higher level 

    Unfortunately, we can not separate the two accounts anymore. However, there is something we can still do 

    Uninstall the game app from your device, clear cache and install the game app back again. 
    Make sure you are signing into your email address. Once done, let me know which level you were supposed to be on and will manually restore your game. 
    From now on, if you only want to play on the same device you will have to uninstall the game app, clear cache and reinstall back again for the device to forget the game data. Or else this will still be happening. 

    Hopefully this helps you :) 

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