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(Finished)Win Gold Bars with the new Episode 97 Crystal Castle

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Hello Witches and Wizards!

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Tomorrow is Tuesday and.. We have a nice treat for you! 

 Not only the new episode with new magic levels are out but we have the Bubble Witch3 game studio here giving you their thoughts about this new episode. 
Super exciting! 
Show them some love but telling us what do you think! We love to hear from you 

This is what the Studio has to say about it: 
"Our favourite levels are 1905, 1909 and  19014. You can find really challenging levels at numbers 1904, 1908, 1912, 1917 and 1919. 

Level 1905_Purple. 
Sometimes a level that seems simple is not that much simple. We love the design of this level because with a few elements we had created a fun challenge.
Collect all the owls that would fly with other normal bubbles to the top of the level.

Level 1909_ PurpleHaze 
We love the shape of this level and the elements that are on it! Try to delete the chameleon using the pollen, open all the padlocks that the bee had created using the cristal!
Clear all the level finding a cool strategy! 

Level 1914_Stargate 
Make the ghost go up using the firecracker to delete wake up the bee! 

Hope you like this new adventure! 
See you at the game! <3

And....  that's not all! 

Win the episode and share it with the community! 

👉 The first player who finishes this episode and post it here it will get 50 Gold Bars
 👉The second one will win 30 Gold Bars
👉 The third one will win 20 Gold Bars 
👉 Everyone else who post will get 10 Gold Bars for the effort 

Are you ready to pop up some Bubbles? Good luck! ☘️

You have until 3rd of December 12:00 CET to participate.

You can read the Terms and Conditions here.

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