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  • Lesley-6Lesley-6 Posts: 346 Level 3
    It's a pity you don't seem to have had a response from the developers, your points of view are spot on,the piggy bank is frustrating and I will never pay to access them, why should I, I've played hard for these and like someone else commented not everyone can afford to pay for extras. Not sure about the fairies issue, yes, they should help us and of course they don't always. As for the inactive players, this is so frustrating and unfair, the times I've had inactive players in group challenges beggars to believe and it is constant in the Wake up the tree challenge made worse that you can only pick two flowers a day, fine if playing with active players but the majority are not not even taking time differences in account 
  • Margo_HollowayMargo_Holloway Posts: 183 Level 3
    Lesley-6 I agree with you. I don't use the piggy bank either on principle.  Being paired with inactive players also annoys me as well...I keep on refreshing the Wake up Tree, and for example,  if I have played in the morning  and picked my 2 flowers, and the same game is still going in the evening then I can usually pick more flowers.  I have also been occasionally lucky where I have played different  Wake Up tree games for at least two or three times in a day when I have been paired with enthusiastic players

  • DebbieC89DebbieC89 Posts: 4 Newbie
    My star dust doesnt update it stays on 15/15 pls help
  • shavon86shavon86 Posts: 2 Newbie
    Great game to help pass the time.
  • Lesley-6Lesley-6 Posts: 346 Level 3
    I tend to disagree, it could be a great game to play, guess I'm just fed up with the two flowers a day nonsense on wake up the tree , not all players participating on aforesaid challenge and would love there to be something else to complete after Stella's house and the cats apartments but then I suppose it does pass some of the time though the higher up the levels the harder they become and you feel like giving the whole game up as you can't get anywhere without spending money which i will always refuse to do and yet I worked hard to get those gold bars and I can't get the benefit of them in fact I got the 100 bars and it's been halved to 50 because I wouldn't pay to use the bars I'd completed levels to get.
  • Keztinsley101Keztinsley101 Posts: 10 Level 2
    Hi guys just a quick gripe about bbw3. How when I won my gold bars in a comp at xmas I got them put into my piggy bank instead ov where I cud use them. Felt like a bit ov a scam 2 get me 2 pay 2 open it. If u won the prize surely u should be able 2 use it without that costing us money aswell? ! Queen raffle told me 2 enjoy them but I can't access them coz I can't afford it at the moment. Don't think that's fair really.. sorry guys had 2 b said!! 😡
  • yuliseyyulisey Posts: 9 Level 2
    I love BES 3 it’s so addictive and fun. But I sometimes I get stuck at one level can’t get out of it. And also could not claim my rewards which I am desperately needed to get through the game. 
    Usually I restart the game and needed up looses all the boosters. 

    Otherwise I play everyday until my lives run out and enjoy it to relax. 
  • Lesley-6Lesley-6 Posts: 346 Level 3
    Yes, it is unfair about the gold bars, just another scam to get your money, personally I don't spend money on any of these games, I need my money for more important things. Yes, I play every day on both devices but get so frustrated on the one that I'm up to 1738, so hard at those levels and no power ups or boosters to help as constantly waiting for players to join in the wake up the tree though I know sometimes it's the time difference but all too often it's because the other players aren't playing, also constantly not getting the tricksies party rewards, all of which makes what used to be an enjoyable game frustrating.
  • LisaMarieLisaMarie Posts: 37 Level 2
    Recently I haven't been able to access the tree & I too get the "no internet connection" msg for my status ranking as well. That is something I hope is being addressed, it looks like an ongoing issue, unfortunately.
    Very glad new additions have been available for Stella & the Starcats home, though, that's a definite thumbs up. I play every day & look forward to what's next & hope the issues are fixed soon😀
  • Lesley-6Lesley-6 Posts: 346 Level 3
    I wasnt aware there were new additions to Stella and the cats home, I just get congratulations for competing them, don't tell me I've another glitch. What are the new additions?
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