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Hello Witches  🌟

It's a no brainer that it's hard to create magic without happy players! Community is a great place for players to get together and discuss the game they love. But it's also the perfect place to give direct feedback! 

Please let us know what you think about the game. What you like, what you dislike, what you'd like to see more of/less of and anything that can help us keep the magic on! 

Simply comment below with your feedback! 

Your feedback is highly appreciated - Help us help you! 

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  • PuppePuppe Posts: 16
    Actually the new way of throwing is very bad, please come back the lazer, I do not like to play with this new
  • tmermtmerm Posts: 1
    I don't have many issues with game play, except with the last update I lost my choose how you play (original, extra fairies, etc.) options. I've been a long time player on all three versions, putting a lot of time and money into the games. During the pot of gold event, I couldn't get in. I got my levels with three stars right away and messaged customer service when I couldn't progress. The responses I got were frankly laughable. "This feature is only available to select users," one response said. I replied that I had the push and in game notifications inviting me to the feature and the response I got was even worse. You can have the best game and with that kind of customer service, you won't keep players. Try fixing that.
  • IsolaLadyIsolaLady Posts: 1
    edited July 19
    Sorry no comment
  • bytchbytch Posts: 6
    Love game
  • bytchbytch Posts: 6
    Wish lives came back quicker or could earn them
  • christine3christine3 Posts: 1
    Pins seem to have no value. Why must you purchase the gold bars if you have won them by playing the games. Very addictive & love the graphics. Is it better to keep the stardust or use it to design the house. Enjoying it all thank you 

  • MJazzyLMJazzyL Posts: 2
    I am a long time fan of BubbleWitch3 and I have played the game extensively. The game was fine with the original bubble blaster. Why change it to a stream of small, colored bubbles that makes it difficult to achieve various angles to eliminate bubbles. And what happened to the fairies??? PLEASE undo the recent update and restore the white beam/laser. PLEASE!!!
  • gress2007gress2007 Posts: 1
    Some people can't afford to buy boosters but bubble witch is the best game. Stop making levels so hard to pass, I like a challenge but its getting ridiculous. Most of my friends have stopped playing because of this and played all your others. I loved all the other bubble witch  but not this one, might give it away as too hard without boosters.
  • isaali58isaali58 Posts: 2
    Pair active players with active players! Tired of having to do the bingo alone to get the rewards!
  • dava69dava69 Posts: 8
    When you run out of lives and you ask for help not everyone does and why do you have to pay for your gold coins
  • Altyrone7088Altyrone7088 Posts: 21
    I like it it beats match 3 any day 
  • blkbenfranklin13blkbenfranklin13 Posts: 4
    This game needs alot of work, worsy download ever....
  • blkbenfranklin13blkbenfranklin13 Posts: 4
    This game needs alot of work
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