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New Tricksies Event in Bubble Witch Saga 3

QueenB Posts: 13,660 Community Manager

Hello Witches and Wizards,

it's time for another Tricksies Party!!

What is the 'Tricksies Party' event challenge?

The Tricksies are magical woodland creatures, who love to play around, collect candies and sometimes play tricks on people.

Feed the Tricksies candies to open the chests and you can collect some wonderful rewards!

What do I need to do?

There are different steps to the event:

  • Burst bubbles to collect the candies.
  • Give the candies to the Tricksies and make them happy.
  • Open the chests and win handy prizes!

When you complete the first part and collect candies for the first Tricksie, you'll automatically be grouped together with other players to form a team. This will help you reach the higher target of candies much easier! Continue to play along with your team and your combined collected candies will open the chests when you reach the required amounts.

You can also gift candies to your teammates, and they can send some to you. These candies will not be added to your total, but will be placed on the next level you play, replacing random color bubbles. This allows you to collect more candies in that level.

When can I play?

All of our events and challenges come and go, but you'll know when this event is active as you'll see pop ups and notifications in the game, and the event icon will be visible on your game map. You'll also see a timer showing how long before the event ends. Keep a lookout for game notifications on your device too, which you might see when you're not in the game.

The event is active but I don't see it?

It's possible that you know someone with the event visible in their game when it's not available to you. Don't worry! With so many players, we sometimes have to spread the fun out a bit.

To keep our events manageable and visible to as many people as possible, sometimes groups of players access it at different times. There's a chance that next time you'll have it when they don't, or another event your friend doesn't. Just keep an eye on your notifications, pop-ups and map buttons.



  • PD987
    PD987 Posts: 430 Level 3
    edited April 2020

    Hi, i completed the game but it's not releasing any prizes. It just goes back to the main game. I've done the clearing of cache and force stopped the app, but it still makes no difference.

    I've been playing Bubble Witch 3 for a long time, i'm up to date with the levels and and usually have to wait for new ones. But the glitches are getting worse and i think i'll be giving up on it soon.

  • PrettyBubbles
    PrettyBubbles Posts: 23,187 Bubble Witch Moderator

    @PD987 hi claiming the tricksies awards is a problem some players have been having and Is currently being looked into. I will see if I can get an update as to the progress of a solution so please bear with us. 🙏stay safe and have starlistic day 🌟🌟🌈

  • PD987
    PD987 Posts: 430 Level 3
  • liliana49
    liliana49 Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited May 2020

    **Edit by CM: Unsupported language**

  • PrettyBubbles
    PrettyBubbles Posts: 23,187 Bubble Witch Moderator

    @PD987 hi and hi to anyone making enquiries regarding tricksies just letting you know I havnt forgotten regarding getting you a solution. The studio needs to look into this further there may be a couple of options but as our CM is on annual leave untill the end of the month a decision cannot be confirmed until she returns. But hang in there and I will give you feedback as soon as I get it. I will Stay in touch with the team after our CM returns. 👍🌞💎

  • PD987
    PD987 Posts: 430 Level 3

    Thanks for the update @KimElston , the game has completely disappeared now so i expect i won't be getting the prizes. This isn't the first time i've lost out on different prizes, i finish something then it freezes and i lose everything.

    Also, i have a problem with that Astral League. The challenge ends but every single time i press continue the thing gets stuck on that page. It's still there now, telling me it's ended but i'm not clicking continue for the 50th time just to be stuck again. Same goes for the tree, that freezes non stop as well.

    I'm slowly giving up, i don't play as much as i used to because it's now become a chore instead of being enjoyable.

    Thanks for your help though, much appreciated :)

  • PrettyBubbles
    PrettyBubbles Posts: 23,187 Bubble Witch Moderator

    Hi @PD987 hopefully we can offer you some sort of sorry for tricksies. Let's just see what comes back. The astral league sometimes just wont go away for ages just ignore it that what I do. With the tree it works that once you have had 2 goes it wont unlock until the rest of the team complete theirs or 9am the following morning which ever comes first it is frustrating and I get why you feel this way. Have you tried the update procedure directly through the play store app. I can guide you through that if you want. Just remind me are you on a computer or mobile. 🤔🌟

  • PD987
    PD987 Posts: 430 Level 3
    edited April 2020


    Hey Kim, everything is updated and as it should be, i use a mobile or tablet, both android.

    The tree actually freezes. I know there's only two to collect until all 3 players have collected theirs, but i'm talking about once all have been collected by the three players and the prizes are supposed to be given out, that's when the tree freezes. It's been happening since it started. Instead of the tree blooming with the flowers it just....doesn't. It takes several goes of closing and opening the app before it starts to work again.

    I do ignore the Astral League, i gave up trying to get rid of it a long time ago 👍

  • sakura
    sakura Posts: 165 Level 3

    i loved this event ❤️ thank you, king! 😉

  • Stiffy
    Stiffy Posts: 28 Level 2

    Looks like a solution wont arrive until May. Please add me to the list of players that have suffered. I was at 64 of 350 in level 5 yesterday, but today my Tricksies Party shows me right back at the start.

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