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A Reward of Gold Bars from Mystery Chest!!!

Pummy RajPummy Raj Posts: 2,272 Superstar
edited December 2018 in Ideas

Can you please add a reward of Gold Bars -- just 1 or 2 when we accomplish the "Hard Quest" or after opening the "Mystery Chest"? 

Stickers, new outfits, lollipops, etc., are the gifts we are receiving for EVERY Quest.  I think the gifts from the harder Quest OR the Mystery Chest should be unique and different :)

This facility is available in Candy Crush Saga with "Sugar Drop" collection.  If you can include the same feature on "Candy Friends" also, it would be awesome :+1:  :+1:

Thanks a lot! 
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BLOSSOM BLAST (ends June 3rd) --
CANDY CRUSH ( till 4th June) --
CANDY FRIENDS (ends May 22nd) --
DIAMOND DIARIES (till 5th June) --
PET RESCUE (till 31st August) --  and
50 Gold Bars POLL in PET PUZZLE --
10 Gold Bars in PET PUZZLE --
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