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Way to give yourself 10 lives instead of five without asking friends or spending gold bars!

Joseph45Joseph45 Posts: 1,583 Level 5
Hello guys! As you may already know, your boosters and lives are not synced when you play across multiple devices. While this may sound like a pain, there is one very sweet secret behind this that you may not know: you have the potential to have 10 chances to complete a level, instead of five! How? Let's say that you play Candy Crush Friends Saga on your Windows 10 computer and your phone/tablet. Now, let's say that you ran out of a full set of lives while playing on your mobile device/Windows 10 computer, but you haven't played it on your computer/mobile device in a while (at least 2.5 hours). Tempted to spend gold bars? Don't just yet! Just log on to your game on you Windows 10 computer/mobile device and there should be 5 fresh more lives waiting for you! However, if you run out of lives here, well, then you have to wait a sufficient amount of times for at least the lives on one playing platform to refill (or spend those handy dandy Gold Bars to refill instantly!) I hope you guys find this tip to be helpful, especially on those tricky levels! Happy crushing everyone =)
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