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Why does my free life's disappear when I log out

Hi when I win free 2hrs play then log out to go to work the free time disappears it happened today again.


  • VeereshVeeresh Posts: 462 ✭✭✭✭
    Hello @bettysmithflossy and Welcome to the community.
    This section is relatively for Friends Saga game only. In this game there is no event in which a player can win 2 hours free play (unlimited lives). I think you maybe referring to Candy Crush Saga. The timer is activated as soon as you won it and it lapses as soon as the time is over irrespective of you being logged in or logged out. It will not stay with you so that you can utilise it @ a later date or time. I will suggest a trick for that. Note down the date and time on paper whenever you win free play. After winning it if you are continuing the game than its okay. If you have closed the game and there is time left than whenever you want to continue playing, change your device date and time to the one noted on the paper and than open your game. You should open it offline. After opening the game than connect it to Internet and your free play will be available.
    Happy crushing.
  • Joseph45Joseph45 Posts: 1,522 Superstar
    Hello, @bettysmithflossy! Just for future reference, this section of the community is for Candy Crush Friends Saga. If you need help navigating to the other game communities, just click the “Games” link at the top left corner of the screen. It should show a list of all the King communities. Anyway, the way unlimited lives work is that once receive them, they will continue to count down, even if you are not logged on. My best advice would be to play at time when you can make the most of the gift, such as in the evenings. Hope this helps you 😁 Have a sweet weekend😃
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