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Rewards/ challenges

smells Posts: 12 Level 2
Hi all. 

Been playing this for a week now and i need help on rewards and challenges.

Im used to candy crush, and those rewards you get things like hammers and jazzies which are most helpful.

This game it just looks like filling up the meters on characters etc or a blue lightning packet thing which i have completed but didn't seem to get anything. 

Why no hammers, packets or jazzies?

Seems if u want those you have to buy gold to get them.


  • flew66
    flew66 Posts: 2,361 Level 5
    Hi Smells,
    Welcome to the CC Friends forum. You do earn the boosters but at a slower rate comparing to other CC games. Similar to the character outfits and Friendly charges (the blue thingies), you earn the booster by cumulating the booster fragments from the reward boxes. Once the fragments are cumulated to full, then you will earn a booster. A striped lollipop might take 60 fragments to earn. 
    You will get the daily reward boxes which comes in 3 different sizes, as well as surprise reward boxes that got placed into the level (it happens when you play the same level multiple times). You also can get mystery reward chest by advancing the levels. You will see them along the way as you progress.  
    Happy crushing!

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