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Game development request to developer team

Sukanta_Biswas Posts: 24,932 Candy Moderator
edited February 2019 in Discussions
1 > Most of the boosters received from the character sit in the wrong place, where there is no need

2 >If we get to the booster from the game, then it takes only one level to finish, then how will we play next level

3 > I think the company does not check the levels, and the level is not suitable for the game

4> There are rules for Extra Moves but they have no receipt, there is no way to get gold
I told my problem as I did. But I will not stop playing games because I know I can do everything. I hope the King Committee will fix it.

5> Level 920 to 960 is very difficult at most levels. It is not possible if one does not use a sufficient booster.You build the level in such a way that it is very difficult but can be passed without a booster at all

thank you always @QueenMia

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