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I have lost 13 lives do to glitches please restore them

When I'm playing and before I have even made a move on the game, if I get a notification on my phone even when trying to dismiss the notification, they game resets and I loose 1 life.this has gone on all week. Maybe longer I just didnt notice. I've being paying to refill my lives and I dont think it's fair. I should be safe to attend to a notification on my phone without worry I'm losing a life especially when my screen pop down window covers my game and I'm unable to play until I clear my notifications to get back to my game. Rectify this and make it right. Thank you. Jessica


  • JustPlayingJustPlaying Posts: 3,886 Superstar
    Hi @CrazyNotStupid88 Welcome to the Candy Crush Community :)

    You should be able to leave the game mid level and go back and continue when you left off. You say its been happening for a week? Did anything happen a week ago such as an update to your phone or different app install? Can you clarify what happens when it resets? What is your phone and app version? Did you try the troubleshooting for your device type iOS Android
  • When I click back to my game I get the orange "King" screen. Then I get loaded to the begining of the round asking me to select which helper I want to help me play the game. Then I load into game each time with one less life. AS IF I  started playing a level, and clicked back to reset the game. Although I did not. To answer the other part of your question, no I have not installed any updates on my phone recently. I have the newest android waiting to install but I'm holding off for a month or two b4 I install it.  I'm using a galaxy s8 device.
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