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I am unable to make any purchases in candy crush friends

DocWatsonDocWatson Posts: 5
I have rebooted my tablet my Wi-Fi connection with no luck. I have also checked all my software and antivirus software and cleared my cookies. This started about two days ago and even uninstalled the game and reinstalling and it still says no connection. I get error message " Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again later "  I am using Amazon fire tab 10 and all my software is up to date. Please fix the issue!


  • LeighLeigh Posts: 1
    I can't purchase any coins
  • becca44becca44 Posts: 1
    My game won't let me open my piggy bank to purchase the gold bars even though its full 
  • DocWatsonDocWatson Posts: 5
    My ability to purchase was restored but after I made a purchase it went back to the same error again. Can someone please help?????????
  • dcrain1005dcrain1005 Posts: 1
    I am getting the same error
  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 4,807 Community Manager
    Hi everyone and welcome to this Fun-tastic Community ;)

    Really sorry about the issue with purchases. This should be solved now but if you're still experiencing this, I'd advise you to clear cache and cookies on your device and re-start again - That usually clears most issue you might encounter. 

    As a last resort, you can re-install the game. However, make sure to save your progress before doing so by logging in with a FB or a Kingdom account. Also note that you would lose your boosters and special events levels. 

    Let me know how that goes! 

    Thanks and happy crushing everyone :star: 

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    Good luck everyone and again, welcome star

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