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Add more Worlds on the map

Massmaster7Massmaster7 Posts: 1
edited February 13 in Support
Hey King, in Cany Crush Friends Saga I would live it if you guys had multiple new worlds instead of just the same 4. In every other Candy Crush game you guys had different worlds made but Friends it's Lollipop Meadows, Bon Bon Beach, Lemonade Lake, Chocolate Mountains and then back to Lollipop Meadows. I just love the unique new world ideas and it makes sense that it might be alittle difficult to create certain different 3D worlds but I feel like since you created the worlds in the other games then you should be able to do it for this game. Also, Candy Crush Soda Saga doesn't have any more descriptive worlds on the overview map and I really enjoyed that feature. Please if u could bring it back. The primary reason why I play this game is because of the different tasty and sweet worlds. I miss that in Friends it just isn't the same with the 4 worlds. Other than that, everything's good. Keep up the great work guys I love all of your games.


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