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YOU people really have THIS game RIGGED. When you have waste 5movrs for 1 octopus that's ridiculous. Is it that SERIOUS it's supposed to be entertainment .Is this how you get people to spend money. SMH


  • Joseph45Joseph45 Posts: 1,522 Superstar
    Welcome @elliot to our wonderful community! While I can understand you may be frustrated, I’m going to have to ask you to be more polite and respectful when dealing with frustration here in the community. While some some levels may seem rigged, they are not. In fact, it is possible to complete every level without a single purchase, or even boosters. However, the chances of winning a level without boosters do get very slim in the highest levels. Nonetheless, as @Xarly explained in another forum, the chances of winning without boosters are never down to 0. Some levels just take longer than others, but with a little patience and luck, you will get there! You can do it! 
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