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Level 403

SeraphicStar Posts: 4,536 Legend
edited March 2019 in Discussions
Man this is some devil of a level for me... I've probably spent at least 35-40 lives already and closest I've gotten to finishing is like 2/3 of the way. I will post a screenshot when I get a life regen and perhaps someone can provide insight into how you can pass this thing... :anguished:

And to those who ask, yes I've watched videos of this one, but maybe I'm not getting the same board setups they get that allow them to pass it yet. :(

Edit: Okay here's some screenshots:
Top section of level:

As you can see you need to clear 27 Octopuses in 28 moves.

Bottom Section of the level:

This run was particularly unforgiving as I only had 9 moves left and still needed 13 more Octopuses. Not gonna happen... I've seen one video somehow get down here in only 5 moves used, but that's not gonna happen like ever... 😒

P.S. Every video guide for this level has 30 moves while you currently only get 28 at the start soooooo yeah... :unamused:


  • SeraphicStar
    SeraphicStar Posts: 4,536 Legend
    edited March 2019
    Well after probably 50 or more lives I finally did it... It took a same color coloring candy/wrapped candy, plus a color bomb/wrapped candy combos to clear the bottom out within the given move count... I think this one should go back to the 30 moves, but maybe it's just me... :anguished:

  • ImAustrian
    ImAustrian Posts: 2 Newbie
    This is the level I’m on and can’t get by.  I’m done trying.  My life is difficult enough that I really don’t need this much aggravation in a game.  I’m sure King won’t notice or couldn’t care less at losing a player.

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