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Tricks and tips

k55 Posts: 12 Level 2
1) Cool down.
I don't know how developers call it, I will call it cool down.

Cool down - time between accepted hits to harts or blocking squares (ice and etc.). In general it means that candies with simultaneous explosion will do only 1 damage instead of many. (Colored big candy/black candy in colored dots + wrapped candy).
In rare cases (I hate this most): Assume you have heart and candy with stripes directed to the heart right next to it. If you do match-3 with this candy and it goes off, the heart will move only one step instead of two steps because of Cool down. Heart gets "damage" from matching-3 candies then it does cool down and hit from stripe is ignored.

2) (black candy in colored dots + black candy in colored dots) is less useful (except corner cases) than 2 x (black candy in colored dots + any other candy). Because it does only one hit to every cell on the map.

3) Does any one know how a fish (with no jam on it) pick a target among blocks? among hearts? Sometimes I fill like it takes most useless target which will ruin my next AWESOME move.

Please add more useful information.


  • k55
    k55 Posts: 12 Level 2
    Candy from "Friend" almost always appears next to the Big color candy or black candy in colored dots (if there is suitable candy). It make sense to keep them and wait until you fill up the "Friend" bar.

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