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sixtyzgrl Posts: 3 Newbie
There are too many character costumes, don't care about so many different ones.  Maybe ones for holidays. There needs to be more lollipop helpers for free. The game is getting kind of boring, esp when stuck on a level. The candy hearts are the most fun for me, but they are few and far between.  I don't care for dunking cookies AT ALL. Need to get more stars in the piggy bank for more Candy $, but if you raise the price like CCSoda, I will stop purchasing. Make the game more exciting,  quests that are actually practical.  70 stars for a St. Patty costume?  Not doable 


  • marscrushinit
    marscrushinit Posts: 2,536 Level 5
    Hi @sixtzygrl and welcome to the community. We have an active poll going on right now where you can vote for your favorite game mode. 

    What is your favourite game mode? Vote now! 

    That's the topic so feel free to search and let the community manager aka cm know what you think 😊. Hope this helps and have a sweet day 

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