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Can someone help me understand these blockers?

wafercookieflippers Posts: 4,637 Legend

Don’t laugh if I am totally wrong—to me, these things sorta look like coconut cake—occasionally they have those colorful jellybean chips on top? I have been playing levels with them for awhile now but I still don’t understand how they work. Sometimes it seems they will pop in a sequence/a whole row will go at once. Other times I feel like I am clearing them one by one. I know the jellybeans mean it will take more hits but beyond that I am clueless. Now that moves are getting ever more precious, I can’t just keep blasting through them with no strategy. I looked on the homepage but I couldn’t find much on this. I would much appreciate any help you can offer!  :)<3


  • Alansmart
    Alansmart Posts: 1,302 Level 5
    Hello @wafercookieflippers, those are indeed layered blockers.. in the group you have circled the two that look bare are ready to go with one hit, the trick to a chain of them going is to have as many bare blockers touching each other as possible.. I hope this helps clarify the "coconut cake" blocker, great name choice for them, not sure what they are officially called but I like your choice of descriptor 👍😎
  • wafercookieflippers
    wafercookieflippers Posts: 4,637 Legend
    Thank you @Alansmart, you are indeed a smart guy. I totally didn’t get how the chain reaction was happening. Who knows if this will actually help me pass levels but I feel better knowing what’s going on versus just thinking it’s some kind of witchcraft. 😉
  • Alansmart
    Alansmart Posts: 1,302 Level 5
    Glad I could be of assistance wafercookieflippers, after all nobody likes to feel they are the victim of witchcraft 😉

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