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Levels 1061-1080

Andrew_Endymion Posts: 44 Level 2
Hey @QueenMia another batch of levels slipped by your crack team of quality control engineers. Tsk, tsk.

I'm sure you'll have all the customary excuses at the ready, but there's just no way King will allow levels like 1061, 1073, 1075 etc. to stand as they are. History has shown over and over that King will NOT require 90 percent of its users to play a level 30-40 times before that one, magical board comes along. Yet, mystery of mysteries, these levels keep getting released.

So, I say again (and will continue to say until someone admits it's the truth), these levels either aren't tested or they are released with King knowing they are so poorly designed that they will need to be tweaked back toward the mean. Incompetence can't explain away the issue unless you are, in fact, using trained chimpanzees* as your beta testers.

*NOTE: Since I know you'd rather just ban me from the platform for not going along with the charade around here, I'll be clear that am NOT calling your engineers chimps. I am using hyperbole to demonstrate the absurdity of any attempt to explain the issue away as accidental.


  • QueenMia
    QueenMia Posts: 12,979 Community Manager
    Hi @Andrew_Endymion and thanks for your feedback. I don't see any reason to ban you, as I already told you, it's totally ok to be critical as long as you remain respectful and do not attack anyone personally. 

    It's good you're not calling us chimps cause we are a team of real people with feelings and real passion for games in general. Our engineers, developers, game designers, etc, love what they do and always put their heart and efforts into making the game more magical every day. They are all dedicated and do their very best to create something that pleases everyone and remain profitable at the same time. Believe me, that's a challenge! 

    I can tell you that all our levels are tested before being released by our amazing Q&A Teams but, of course, there will always be a difference when the game is tested by 10 people than when it's released and played by thousands. There are millions of daily players just for Candy Crush Friends and therefore, you can expect the difficulty to be perceived very differently by each person. With that in mind, we constantly have to adapt the game depending on level performance and feedback.

    And that's exactly why it's important for you and other players to let us know when things are not as expected. We're not trying to make things awful for you, at the contrary, we want to work with you all to make sure the game is sweeter than ever. That's actually the point of this Community.

    I hope that clears things up a little. Happy Friday! 

  • Andrew_Endymion
    Andrew_Endymion Posts: 44 Level 2
    Whatever you say, boss.

    Level 1061 has *already* been changed—a color has been removed—and I imagine the other changes will follow in due course.

    The facts are here for anyone interested in them while those who want to indulge the fantasy have your version to keep the monsters under the bed at bay.

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