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Be able to purchase missed outfits/costumes



  • fabke
    fabke Posts: 3,970 Pro Player 👑

    Hello @AlexN voted ✔

    Thanks for the tag @Diamond Lim

    It depends how much they cost.

    I like to earn them free with quests and playing and get points, each time, I earned 410 points now , I need 500 and I will get Dachs my favorite in Police costume without paying but it goes slow.

    At the start I got a lot of points to save different costumes with quests and winning your normal levels.

    The only costume I won was Bubblegum Troll and Bubblegum King, it was the easiest game for me to earn a costume after 10 times playing.

    The rest I got with points and quests.

    But the last months you can't win costumes because you don't get points for characters with quests or playing levels it stopped.

    And to win the most costumes the levels are to hard for me.

    I have 4 Tiffi's, 4 Nutcrackers, 4 Rabbits, 3 Misty's, 3 Yeti's, 3 Odus, 1 Dachs and 2 Bubblegum Trolls.

    I love to have Olivia, Rachel, Rachid, the pink queen lady (forgot her name) and maybe I forgot 1.

    Maybe they come more again to save them with levels and quests.

  • Laurenmlh
    Laurenmlh Posts: 1,184 Level 5

    I started a year after the game was released so i missed some from the first year and recently didn't get the wild wild west event for Olivia so I couldn't earn the costume. Would definitely like these to be released or able to get them the way you did originally... By completing boards and earning a little at a time. I wouldn't spend gold bars as I no longer get ads and need that for play on

  • BarbaraYager
    BarbaraYager Posts: 59 Level 3

    I Voted Yes To Purchase Events, Or Resetting An Event. I Would Like To Get Odus The Pumpkin. Or, Tiffi The Vampire. I Do Not Have Either Of Those, I Have Played This Game For Long Periods Of Time, in Soo much that i have fell asleep at my pc. as far as levels i am up to level 4801. i have loads of boosters, i already have yeti the werewolf, and nutcracker the skeleton, i even have oliva the witch. and i can see that is another repeat :( i would want an event on either odus the pumpkin or tiffi the vampire. i am willing to put all my gold bars 414 + 30 and even buy $100 worth of gold bars so i can get either of those costumes or the event to either odus the pumpkin or tiffi the vampire to add to my scrapbook. i have 49 characters in my scrapbook and been stuck on 49 for a good while now. wish there was no repeat for oliva the witch, for me. i'd rather have something i don't have. soo again i vote yes on purchase the characters/ costumes or reset the event for something i don't have. my User Id Is


    Someone pass this along to who ever does the events issue the events out to ppl

  • Cassandra303
    Cassandra303 Posts: 10 Level 2

    I BEYOND support this, i created a whole new account for my new phone thinking it would be fun to start over, not realizing some of my most beloved costumes i might not get back 🥺 i’d do anything to get them back’ i just pray they do the events another time 😔

  • King_Neal
    King_Neal Posts: 1,521 Level 4

    This is such a great idea! I can’t wait for the studio to implement this. Take my money, please! 😁

  • Solarwave
    Solarwave Posts: 241 Level 3

    I think it would be better if they added the missed costume as chest rewards when you progress through the levels and complete daily quests, and the dacks key chest thing.

  • Diamond_Lim
    Diamond_Lim Posts: 139,305 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Yeah! I really vote and agree this idea! Because I miss getting these previous outfits/costumes from previous exciting events on this game! So I really want to purchase these previous outfits/costumes with gold bars as well. 👍

    Psst...! I start played this game on last month (15th October 2022).

    Hope this idea should be implemented on this game! Thank you! 🙏

  • mimibrandi
    mimibrandi Posts: 132 Level 2
  • Solarwave
    Solarwave Posts: 241 Level 3

    Why does this idea have announcement title? Did the devs say they were gonna implement this into the game?

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