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Levels 1100 and 1120 Need Attention

Andrew_Endymion Posts: 44 Level 2
edited April 2019 in Discussions


Once again, a new level release and, lo and behold, another batch of levels snuck by your amazing quality control testers. Level 1100 (gives users minimal choices and too many colors to get lucky frequently enough) and level 1120 (3-star score obviously too high such that, on the rare occasion you pass the level, you have to be exceptionally lucky just to get 2 stars) suffer from the exact same problems as all the other levels that have been released and then tweaked after the fact.

These will be tweaked just like the others.

You keep saying these beta testers exist and yet they keep missing the same exact problems virtually every time new levels are released.

In other words, your employees are either hopelessly incompetent, instructed to allow these levels to pass despite their poor designs b/c your company is **Removed by CM - Offensive and rude**, or you are lying and no such testers exist. I know which option gets my vote, but none of them nor this unhelpful, artificially saccharine forum is worth my time.

And that's saying something b/c my time ain't worth much.

Nevertheless, no sense wasting any more of it on a **Removed by CM - Offensive and rude** company staffed by **Removed by CM - Offensive and rude** people. I'm sure you will find this post insulting, but alas, sometimes facts are unflattering. Cheers.


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