How do I change my profile picture?

AayuAayu Posts: 6
 It is told that when we become a community member and upload a few posts then we will be able to change our profile picture ☺📷 in the game. But I just wanted to know that about how many??? I've uploaded a few posts but I m yet not able to change it. Is there a requirement for certain number of stars? Someone to please help me.💗💕
Till the time...🕛
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  • mysticalmystymysticalmysty Posts: 13,148 Superstar
    Hi @Aayu Are trying to change your profile on your game ? It’s really simple, go to your profile setting and you should be able to upload your new picture from your photo album  by clicking on the camera icon. 

  • Emi_unniEmi_unni Posts: 2
    @mysticalmysty thanks for the information...but in my profile settings I don't have a camera icon
  • Does anyone know hoa can I change my in game pfp on September 2019?
  • Katja276Katja276 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem - I don't have a camera icon on my picture in the profile settings. Not on the phone, not on the computer :-(
  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 5,545 Superstar
    Hello @OMGItsTheodore and @Katja276 

    Hearty Welcome to the Candy Friends section of our friendly King Community :) 

    a) If you are playing through Facebook, note that your photo will update according to your Facebook profile picture;

    b) If you are playing through Kingdom,  you'll be able to change your photo from King website page --> 
    Go to --> Log in and then click on "Settings" --> You'll see the option to change your avatar or upload a picture from your device.  

    ** IF you need further assistance, tap on "Type your Comment" box located below.  

    Keep having fun in your game(s)!  Have a great rest of the weekend!

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