No no no I am so done! King is now abusive....

AineAine Posts: 19 ✭✭
no way to win anymore frustration through the roof this game is no longer what it used to be I am saying goodby! Shame on you for your greed! 


  • SeraphicStarSeraphicStar Posts: 1,957 Legend
    Hello @Aine and Welcome to our Beloved Candy Crush Friends Community! :chuffed:

    I'm sorry if you have been trouble as of late with the game. However, I'm not exactly sure what your suggestions for game improvement are here. 😕

    Perhaps if you offered a bit more insight into what your ideas for improvement we could try and get them noticed by the studio for a chance of implementation ;)

    I look forward to hearing your ideas, and I hope you have a crushtastic day! :3
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  • AineAine Posts: 19 ✭✭
    You simply cannot have every level need several boosters to get through when you have made it extremely difficult to get these boosters! You took all of our little tricks away and it just smells of a money grab...when a game is no longer fun it’s time to move life is frustrating enough I don’t need that frustration when playing a game. 
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