Level 593

I can’t get past this level. Help please


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    There is a blog online that is very helpful for all the levels - candycrushsageallhelp.blogspot.com

    Candy Crush Saga Level 593

    Tips for level 593 Candy Crush Saga
    There is only one exit for the ingredients on level 593 so you have to plan very carefully to get them down.
    The fruit comes into play top left and has to exit bottom right.
    Clear the cream and get the ingredients onto the bottom conveyor as fast as possible.
    You need to be ready for when the fruit gets over the exit as you only get one chance and if you miss it you may not have enough moves left to wait for it to come around again.
    You can save a colour bomb next to the colour which is below the conveyor bottom right, or a stripe/wrap combo, either above the end columns or along the bottom on the conveyor. Then as the fruit is above the exit use your combo or colour bomb to allow it to fall.

    There are also videos posted that should help you too.

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    Hi @IAM8523 Welcome to the Candy Crush Friends Community. 
    As this is the Candy Crush Friends section I am assuming you need help with it.. if for Candy Crush Saga you can see above at @bearwithme 's post
    You can find a video sample https://community.king.com/en/candy-crush-friends-saga/discussion/comment/295054/#Comment_295054

    From the start in addition to clearing your way around the board try to send striped candy and combos to the right side of the board specifically the Caramel cups with a lot of layers and Raspberry twister cake.

    For extra help try competing the quests to gain additional boosters by doing earlier easy levels
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    @JustPlaying and @IAM8523 ; - my apologies.  This site is so fluid that sometimes when I chose a discussion thread I'm not paying close enough attention.  I will make sure I do so in the future.  Sorry for not providing any help for your problem.  You are farther than me on Candy Crush Friends - so I couldn't help you there anyway.

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    @bearwithme no worries there are many cross posts so could have easily been for Candy Crush Saga.. posted just in case.. no harm done either way only benefit :)
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    i'm stuck at level 670 please help getting very frustrated
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