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Haven't I played this level before ???

Simon888Simon888 Posts: 289 Level 4
I loved this game to begin but after a 1000 or so levels I swear I am playing the same levels over and over. The picture below is so similar to loads of levels I have already played. Olivia has made Octopus levels fun again but apart from that I can't keep playing the same caramel and frosting levels with very little originality, creativity or imagination, no interesting new blockers or boosters or anything really :-( 

imagination. Very bored :-(
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  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 10,317 Superstar
    @Simon888 - Welcome to the Community!  There are levels that are very similar on the various games (CCS, CCFS etc.). With so many levels being created there is bound to be some similarities or even occasional duplicates.  But how you accomplish the level won't be the same and especially with CCFS, you have the choice of characters which will also change how the level is played out. In addition, like you mentioned - they are always introducing new characters and also new blockers etc. to try and keep the game challenging and fun.  Don't give up.  Also - they are always looking for ideas from players so please feel free to start a discussion and recommend things you would like to see in the game.  They do pay attention and changes are always being made to the games.

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  • bbyasbbyas Posts: 46 Level 2
    I too enjoyed the Olivia level, and I hoped it would be included with the game. 
  • 504fireboy504fireboy Posts: 1 New Bee
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