Quests have not been loading for some weeks.

jeanpsjeanps Posts: 16,092 Level 5
Quests have not been loading for some weeks. Any suggestions


  • Joseph45Joseph45 Posts: 1,586 Level 5
    Hello, and welcome to the sweetest community online @jeanps! It’s great to have you here! Some time ago, there seemed to be an issue with quests loading. Perhaps the issue may not be fully resolved. However, some thing you can try would be some basic troubleshooting, such as clearing cashe and cookies, making sure that you have at least 2GB worth of space on your device, closing all background apps that may be running, making sure both the game and device software are up to date, and finally, turning off your device for 10 seconds, and then reopening the game. If these fail to fix anything, then try to uninstall and reinstall the game and then log back into your account (ensure that you are either connected to Facebook, or a King account before proceeding with this step). Please note that any boosters and/or gifted lives will be lost during this process. Let me know how this goes. I hope it helps! 

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