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Why does part of the game go black between games and I am not receiving any awards

jeanjalonjeanjalon Posts: 9
Between games the scores list will all go black or perhaps some other part of the screen.
since this has begun I am not getting any rewards. So I am not able to use any boosters to help to finish the game

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  • jeanjalonjeanjalon Posts: 9
    Accepted Answer
    I am using an iPad Pro tablet
    operating system is 12.2 and I have 39 GB of free memory.
    There is a notice that the iPad will update to 12.3 later today.
    thanks for your quick response JJ
    Accepted Answer
  • jeanjalonjeanjalon Posts: 9
    Accepted Answer
    Since the update to 12.3 the problem seems to have gone 
    Accepted Answer


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