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zachiazachia Posts: 3
Why when I'm playing my game stop for few seconds when u return life is taken away as to restart new game


  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 3,339 Superstar
    Hi @zachia - welcome to our wonderful community.  What platform are you playing on - PC or mobile (IOS or Android)?  I play on mobile and if I am only gone for a very short time, even if my screen has gone blank when I wake it up again I am usually back where I was and have not lost a life.  I know that you can set the length of time until your device goes to sleep (blank screen) and adjusting that may help with this problem. 

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  • zachiazachia Posts: 3
    I'm Android phone 
  • zachiazachia Posts: 3
    You are right the screen blank When I open it my game restarted
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