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Taking me a long time to get caterpillar costume

SunsetSushiRodeoSunsetSushiRodeo Posts: 24 New Bee

I have collected all the costumes I can except for the caterpillar costume for Dachs. I only have about 375/550 stickers towards his costume. I have played a lot of levels, and gone through portal boxes, level reward boxes, at least two or three Dachs chests, as well as the daily boxes. I haven’t had Dachs drop down with my key in a long while but I have looked at this forum and I think there is maybe an issue now with the Dachs chests? So that is why he is really hiding this time? Naughty doggy. 😉

I am not not trying to complain but it seems like it is taking a really long time to get the stickers for the caterpillar costume. I always get the boosters first and the stickers last and that means I only get 2-5 at most per box I think. Is this how it is for everyone? 

I think last time it went a lot faster when I only had one character/costume to collect. Or even two. 

Thank you to anyone who can respond! 


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