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Meet OddFish, Producer for Candy Crush Friends!

OddFishOddFish Posts: 12 Kingster
edited November 2019 in Discussions
Hi everyone!

My name is Alena, I have just joined the Friends team as a Producer and wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I’ve been lurking in these forums for quite a while now and I’m very happy and humbled to be working with such a great community. My plan (and hope) is to develop the game in a close collaboration with all the voices here, because you, our players, are what we are all here for.

I've been playing Friends for about 2 months, am now on level 232 (working really hard on getting into that Club 1600 of yours!), my favourite character is Tiffi the Astronaut, and my favourite thing to do in the game is to complete super hard quests and watch the colour bomb explode all over the game board.

I’d like to get to know all of you and chat here on the forums about the game, universe and everything :) Looking forward to this journey together with you!



  • firebombmarkusfirebombmarkus Posts: 10,626 Superstar
    Hello, Alena @OddFish Such a joy to have you here! You had me at talking about universe 😍 My name is Marko and as you know I am one of the Superstars. I am humbled too to work with this great team and share positive energy and love around 🌈 Thank you endlessly for sharing a piece of you with us 🤗
  • flew66flew66 Posts: 2,093 Game Expert
    Hello @OddFish , It is great to have you here. I have been playing CCFS for over 8 months now. I used to be a die-hard CC fan but I stopped for a period of time. I started playing CCFS late last year and couldn't stop. I have been playing daily and currently waiting for new levels at 1740. My favorite is Santa Yeti who is my go to friend for crushing lots of blockers and for the hearts candies levels. In second spot is Olivia who is very useful in freeing the Octopus. You probably can tell that I enjoy the game very much. Kudos to the CCFS team! Cheers! <3
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  • SeraphicStarSeraphicStar Posts: 4,537 Superstar
    edited August 2019
    Greetings Alena (very pretty name! 😍) @OddFish, 💫 SeraphicStar 💫 here, and I'm glad you were able to take some time away from your likely crazy schedule to introduce yourself to us! :hurrah:

    I'm usually around in the Off-Topic section, but sometimes make my way to the support/ideas sections to see if players need help/have Divine ideas for the game :chuffed:

    I've been playing CCFS for about 7 1/2 Months and am on level 1670 (I play every day! :3 )

    Thank you again for sharing some of yourself with the community as @firebombmarkus said ;)
  • lanewolflanewolf Posts: 11 Level 2
    Hello @OddFish wlecome ive only been playin for about 5 months ans im stuck at 217 so good luck. My favorite is yeti i like when the color bomb and wrapped candy take out several rows
  • Silvana13Silvana13 Posts: 39 Level 2
    Hey there!! Nice to meet you. I'm currently on level 1619! I'm dangerously getting close to the last available levels (nooo!!) 
  • saima212saima212 Posts: 56 Level 3
    Welcum 💐💐Aleana  To our community King   Im on level 5150 im addict to cc game been play for long time 🥰🤣

  • OddFishOddFish Posts: 12 Kingster
    saima212 said:
    Welcum 💐💐Aleana  To our community King   Im on level 5150 im addict to cc game been play for long time 🥰🤣

    Thank you and that's an awesome progress! Just curious, how many rounds does it usually take to complete one level?
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