What level are you on?

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Hi everyone! I had to make a new one because Jelly Jenny removed my post in July 5 3:00 AM! This was all her fault! Not mine! Anyways, what I was going to tell you is what level are you on so that I can know if people are over level 300 than me! 
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  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 5,416 Community Manager
    Hey @Leony :waving:

    I don't think your post have been deleted (we never delete posts, FYI ;)) - It's still here in the Candy Crush discussion area ;)

    As for Candy Crush Friends, I'm on level 840, so still a lot behind some of our expert Community members! Are you level 300 then?

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  • Lisa_Walker_OwenLisa_Walker_Owen Posts: 12
    Waiting for Level 1741.  Hurry up, Wednesday!
  • flew66flew66 Posts: 1,774 Legend
    Hi @Lisa_Walker_Owen glad to see you get your progress back. Cheers  =)
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  • delziasdelzias Posts: 2
    I'm stuck at level 97 and can't download characters
  • RonChi518RonChi518 Posts: 1
    I'm stuck on 989...
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