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Our Studio wants your feedback on Quests! Tell us everything!



  • rhonda_42410rhonda_42410 Posts: 6 New Bee
    I enjoy the game, it is a stress reliever an a way to pass time.. Challenges my mind at times but only in the best way.... Remember if u don't use it, you lose it! 
  • flew66flew66 Posts: 2,345 Game Expert
    edited August 2019
    Just to add to my earlier comments:
    2. What would encourage you to complete more Quests? 
    Couple more reasons to complete the Quests:
    For a short period of time, we occasionally got extra life from the Quest reward box. I love to get the extra life to extend the game play. 
    Also, the timed friendly charges are great for completing hard levels. It is just a bit difficult to track how many / how close we are with the stickers.
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  • Amaro_vanAmaro_van Posts: 1 New Bee
    edited August 2019
    Muy buen juego 

    (EDIT: Unsupported Language)
  • yummygummyyummygummy Posts: 1 New Bee
    1. Do you play to complete Quests every day? If not, how often do you try to complete them?
    =) Yes, I try to complete quests every day

    2. What would encourage you to complete more Quests?

     :( If they reflect the characters you play. For example I  have had a quest up, to collect a bunch of red candies for the Rabbit, but there haven't been any levels where I am, that I am able to even use the Rabbit.

    3. Do you sometimes pick a character that is not recommended because he or she would help you to complete a Quest?

     <3  Yes, I will sometime use characters that I feel work better. For example, I am on level 440 and its suggested I use Tiff, but Bubblegum King works best for me.

    4. What are your favorite Quests? 

    B) Collecting a certain number of candy, regardless of character. 

    5. What types of Quests would you like to have in the game? (Go crazy with ideas!)

    O.o hmmm...
    1) so many power combos, like 2 chocolate bomb explosions or color bomb/chocolate ball explosions and you earn a free turn or life. 

    2) ones where you can earn lives

    6. Is there anything else Quest-Related that you would like to suggest or share? 

     o:) I kinda miss the wheel chance game that is on Saga, except after 7 years, I still haven't won the 'Jackpot' slot, but if something like that was available. That would be awesome

  • huduvuduhuduvudu Posts: 1 New Bee
    Have a couple of King games, fave being soda crush. Hubby asked I must give CC friends a go, can send each other lives and have a friendly race. In all honesty, not too fond of CC friends. Pro's and con's:
    1. Can see his profile on the stages, which is nice, but send/request for lives doesn't work (linked via fb) so have to spend gold if you need lives.
    2. Little friends and their 'powers' with their little outfits are cute, but can mess up a planned move (nutcracker) and playing my butt off for a new outfit and no gain is a waste of time.
    3. Only boosters are the lollipops, start you off with a few and collect via gifts but no color bombs, fish etc to boost the game.
    4. Additional boosters (lightning boosters) can't be saved and used at a convenient time.... I've had it that I get the booster just after I used my last life or heading out the door to work.
    5. No real power rewards like soda crush. No infinite lives for a certain period of time, no rewards straight off the bat. 5 lives, spend gold, rewards take forever because it's "collection" fragments.

    In summary the characters are cute but the game is a drag and too much of a headache for an easy chill "space out" game.

  • Nono5Nono5 Posts: 1 New Bee
    Hello, i just beat lvl 1000 and unfortunately, im honestly starting to be tiredby the same design and characters. I tought that after completing that level that things would change, like new challenges or interesting rewards. After lvl 1000 i tought that it would be interesting to have a new incentive to reach new levels with a different design or game mechanics ( like the the purple jam) maybe if you introduced new characters like Bubblegum Troll (which appeared for a brief time) it would motivate us to keep reaching new levels. 

    Hoping to read your feedback and thank you for your time !
  • gumption1972gumption1972 Posts: 1 New Bee
    I agree on winning gold bars or getting more than 1 point each quest in boosters. I'd never stop playing if I could earn gold bars!
  • Ana12TommoAna12Tommo Posts: 1 New Bee
    This my gane favourite 

    I Love this game <3

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