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About the pig

mocmoc Posts: 1
Why is it when the pig is full we would have to pay to empty it? It should be emptied it to the pot for us to use. We shouldn't have to pay to play the game.


  • SeraphicStarSeraphicStar Posts: 2,717 Legend
    edited August 16
    Hello @moc I'd like to wish you welcome to our beloved Candy Crush Friends Community! :chuffed:

    I understand that for some players the use of the Piggy Bank is rather strange/misunderstood. However, I would like to direct you to a community post below which I believe will help shed some light on how this game feature works 🤔:

    I hope this information helps clear up any confusion you may have about the Piggy Bank feature, and I hope you have a crushtastic day! :3
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