Havent rachel racoon

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It almost 5 days when event starts, and i dont have event, i update app and do all things what need to do, but she dont appear, help me pls, my id 10234575179


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    @Yan4ik - I'm so sorry you don't have the Rachel the Raccoon event. Did you have the countdown with her show up in your game about a week beforehand? It would have shown up both in your book of characters and also in the game itself with a countdown towards the event.  If you never saw that - then unfortunately you are probably part of a small group of people who do not have access to the event this time.  However - you will hopefully be able to get a chance at the event sometime in the future.  The studio recently just held the Olivia event again (for those people who didn't get her the first time) and they will probably hold other events again in the future to give people a chance to get him and his costume too.

    However if you did get the countdown in your game and since you have already provided your user ID, we can see if the community Manager @QueenMia can assist you in getting the event to show up.

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