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There they are!

ElsaElsa Posts: 21,651 Superstar
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With flowers and balloons in hand Rancid sets out to find the love of his life.  Whistling a happy tune  as he envisions his Rachel and how happy she will be to get the flowers and balloons. 

It doesn’t take him too long to find them.  Tiffi is giving Rachel a few pointers on the best way to help the players.

Rancid runs towards them with a skip and a hop!! 


“Hello girls,” he says.  “How are you both doing today?  Bonjour Rachel.  Je voudrais vous parler une minute s'il vous plaît.  Tiffi I will make it quick.  I just want to give her these flowers and balloons.”


Before walking over to Rancid, Rachel translates to Tiffi that he only wants to speak to her for a minute.  She promises to be right back.

Rancid takes out his French/English dictionary from his pocket so that he could say the correct French love words to her.  Wait a minute!  She just spoke to Tiffi in English and translated what he said to her.  With that he throws the dictionary over his shoulder.  He clears his throat and then begins to speak to her. 


“Rachel, I would like to take you out for a date so that we can get to know each other better,” he says. 

“I feel that you and I would have a great time together.  Here are some flowers and balloons that I brought for you.”


She doesn’t know how to respond to him, and Tiffi is anxiously awaiting her return.  So, she asks him when and where.  They exchange phone numbers and he tells her that he will call her later on.


Do you think Rachel will go out with him on a date?  Let’s continue here.

If you arrived here, then you might want to start at the beginning of the story


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