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Rancid leaves Cotton Candy Clouds

ElsaElsa Posts: 21,652 Superstar
edited October 7 in Candy Friends Stories

Rancid paces back and forth, then back and forth again.  What to do?  Where should he go?  He knew that he wasn’t going to find the answer in Cotton Candy Clouds, so he best be on his way.

He takes out his compass to determine which direction to take.  North? South?  No, maybe East or West.  Rancid begins to make his way out of Cotton Candy Clouds grumbling and feeling frustrated at the same time.  He realizes that he can never go back to Dairy District.  He has to leave Cotton Candy Clouds and he has no clue where to go next.

Up ahead he sees Liquorice Larry sitting outside on his rocking chair.


“Hello there Liquorice Larry,” he says.  “How are you doing today?  Catch any monklings lately?”


Liquorice Larry is surprised to see Rancid because he thought that he was still in Soda World throwing green jelly all over.  Rancid tells him that he is leaving because Tiffi and Jenny showed up as he was helping Jelly Queen jellify some characters.  Those superheroes threw so much red jelly on them that Jelly Queen said that it was time for him to leave. 

“So where are you going to go now?” Liquorice Larry asks Rancid.  “Have you heard about this cute raccoon called Rachel who has just moved to Candy Town?  Rancid you need to head on over there to meet her.  I think the two of you would make an adorable couple.”


Rancid’s eyes lit up and for a few moments the sadness disappears.   They say their goodbyes, but little does Liquorice Larry know that Rancid is still Rancid and he is still up to his tricks.  He sneaks behind Liquorice Larry and jumps into Liquorice Larry’s air balloon and takes off.


Let’s continue to follow Rancid here.

If you arrived here, then you might want to start at the beginning of the story


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