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KING Contradictions, Customer "Service"

DoubleB423 Posts: 252 Level 4
edited October 2019 in Discussions
Well, after being told by King that my gold bars were being sent to me right then, 24-40 hours later, they send me another email stating Sorry, you aren't getting them, nor your $ back.   I'm attaching emails for proof.   Now I've played and spent $ on King Games for years, but not anymore. The lady of the house, and my 2 sons that got to play and spend $ on King Games as well, will no longer be doing so either.  It was the worst customer "service" I believe I've EVER been through. 
Isn't there some rule about if a company says they are doing something for you, that they have to abide by that?  Anyone else had similar experiences with King customer "support" or customer "Service"??      


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