Why the additional levels (10 levels) to obtain the Rachael the Raccoon is so difficult?

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Why the additional levels (10 levels) to obtain the Rachael the Raccoon is so difficult? I have tried the level 4 many be 30-40 times but couldn't get through.


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    You don't want the levels to easy. I got through them by using the rainbow last and  some times got the levels. Try not to think about how hard the level is.
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    I’m finding the same thing. Makes it not so fun. On level 5 I think, and I’ve used up over 75+ lives to get to that point. 
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    There is no question that the Raquel Quest is quite challenging and the Rainbow Candy is a bit more difficult to learn and used effectively. I started a thread to discuss the Rainbow Candy Power. I think there are a lot of misunderstandings on how the Rainbow Candy behaves. I hope that discussion helps others to under the Rainbow Candy power better.
    You will find that in advanced levels of CCFS (1000+), there are many tough levels with blockers that require combos to clear. Some of them even require a combo of Coloring Candy and Color bomb to clear the board. The strategy to clear those levels (including some of Rachel's quest levels) is to clear the space and create combos. It is not possible to clear the board by clearing one blockers at a time. One may have better success with this strategy in mind. Cheers!
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