iPhone stash of goodies versus windows10 stash

I had to start playing on my PC on windows10 since I caught up with all levels so now the stash i have on my iPhone just  sets there since the only new levels I get are in Windows10. Is there a way to actually get the stash from iPhone to Windows10 so I can use them? I Tun out if any boosters I manage to get on my PC very quickly and the stash on my iPhone would be very helpful. Please advise! Thanks! 


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    Hi @Wynette_Espinosa This is a common scenario for most advanced players who started out in playing on the mobile app. Unfortunately the boosters are device specific and cannot be transferred to other device. Similar to you, I have a stash of boosters on my Android apps and I am playing the latest levels on Win10 app in which I only have a handful boosters. I did complete the Raquel quest on Win10 app as I need the new levels to get the 45 stars to complete the Star Chaser.

    One strategy I am using is to complete the daily quests on both the mobile app and Win10 app and try to time it so the booster would be collected on the Win10 App. The stickers are cumulative from the various platforms as long as you are using the same account (you may have to log in and out from the account to keep them in sync). Doing this will help to accelerate the collection of the various stickers for boosters. Cheers!

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