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Your BubbleGum Troll event DISAPPEARED? Check HERE



  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 6,170 Community Manager
    Hi there @Gabi88, @ellectra, @isaiahg355 :waving:

    What happens when you update to the new game version is that the event "disappear". However, it should pop back up if you keep on playing and passing levels. Have you tried to play a few levels? You need to pass at least 3 levels for the event to come back.

    Could you please let us know if you've done that?

    Thanks a lot :) 

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  • Moonchild_13Moonchild_13 Posts: 8

    This has happened to me too. I updated the app on Friday already. Played a level and got the event back. Kept playing. Was killing it and then I lost the event on Sunday. Been playing ever since, passing many levels and still no event. 😔 
  • isaiahg355isaiahg355 Posts: 3
    @QueenMia the event did come back, so my pretty problem is fixed! Thanks
  • cookiemamacookiemama Posts: 20 ✭✭

    I tried everything you suggested but nothing worked. I uninstalled and re-installed the game and got the BGT event.back, but lost all my boosters! I had 4 lollipop hammers, 4 striped lollies and 3 bomb lollies. May I please get them back?
  • Gabi88Gabi88 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the suggestion, QueenMia, I don't think I have passed 3 levels continuously ... Also because I had difficulties with difficult levels and the time available to me during the day is little. I will try to work harder and pass more levels consecutively and then let you know if the event is back. Thanks again!
  • AnnieXAnnieX Posts: 21 ✭✭
    Win 10/PC BGT event reappeared for an hour or so, then vanished again. Please could you fix it as there's very little time left before the event ends. ID 10829175484. Thanks,
  • Still yet my game is not back.getting really with this game! There is not a lot of time left and I was almost there. Just about had my monster. PLEASE FIX THE ISSUE FOR !!😢😤
  • Moonchild_13Moonchild_13 Posts: 8

    My user ID is 10901179493 🌻🙏🙏💚
  • My USER ID is 1534779464....please fix the e
  • Okay so i got it back and beat 1 level and then it was one again!! This is so ridiculous....
  • yellowfishyellowfish Posts: 8
    User ID is 10013433521 on a Samsung Note. Also lost all lollipop hammers/ boosters.
  • Moonchild_13Moonchild_13 Posts: 8
    My user ID is 10901179493, playing on android, latest version of app... Beat another 3 levels with the hope that the event might come back... And still nothing 😔 😢... Please help! I think  I've had maybe 4 days of playing in total since event began 😔
  • leia33leia33 Posts: 11
    Olá meu telefone é um J7 Neo da Samsung
    número do modelo sm j701mt
  • leia33leia33 Posts: 11
    meu ID é 6393925929
  • ChokmahChokmah Posts: 7
    I've been playing Bubblegum Troll Event on CC Friends. It disappeared a few days ago (known fault), then returned & was fine for a day or so.  Then, on Tuesday pm, it vanished again... annoying as my group were doing very well & I was top of leader board.  It hasn't returned, despite me doing all the usual things (stop, clear cache, reboot etc). I don't want to risk losing other progress but, please, what is happening.... clearly I'm not the only one with same problem. Playing on Android. ID: 9962005190.
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