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🍭Candyversary Party! 🎁🎉

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It's Candyversary and it's time for sweet & colourful celebrations! 

Candy Crush Friends is celebrating one year since launch in October as well as releasing level 2000, this is worth celebrating!

Join us on the Rainbow Road to get your treats! 

Follow the road, avoid the obstacles, crush those candies with the help of your Friends to arrive to our final special level...

I am sure you can guess what it is! 

The event starts today (5th of November) and will run until the 10th! 

 🍭 🍭 🍭

Do you have any feedback for us?

Please let us know by commenting below! 
We value your opinion and it's always important for us to get your feeling. We work hard to give you the best experience possible but this would not be possible without your feedback. 

 🍭 🍭 🍭

Do you want some extra fun and Gold bars?

Join us here for our Candyversary contest


Good luck everyone and don't forget to have fun 🍒

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