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Thanksgiving 2019 with our friends!

ElsaElsa Posts: 21,688 Superstar
edited November 8 in Candy Friends Stories

Time is moving quickly in the King community.  Lots of new contests, game experts have been added, the National Candy day in the community was a success.  The players were thrilled to get new badges. 

Thanksgiving!  Wow that is just a couple of weeks from now. 

“I wonder, if anyone would like to get together on Thanksgiving Day,” Tiffi thought.  “I want to show off my new turkey outfit, so maybe we can have Thanksgiving Day together.”


And so, once again, Tiffi’s mind is bubbling with excitement and enthusiasm as she makes up a list of who to contact. 


Kimmy is visiting her sister and father, so Tiffi asks her if she thinks it’s a good idea to do this.  Kimmy is thrilled with the idea of getting together with the others again.  Tiffi starts her list of phone calls.  First on the list will be Jenny to see if she can join them. 


“Let’s see, who else should I call,” thought Tiffi.  “Red Rabbit, Yeti, King Chewy, Nutcracker, Odus, Misty, Olivia, Dachs.”


Tiffi starts to make her phone calls.  She leaves phone messages for some.  She is able to speak to a couple of them who tell her that they haven’t made any plans yet.  They love the idea and definitely want to do Thanksgiving together. 


Who do you think will be able to join them?  Let’s fine out here.


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