Discrepancies in levels.

I have noticed that some players have reached 2140 before having to wait for new levels but I can only go as far as 2080. Why is this?


  • Mattia_Mattia_ Posts: 213 ✭✭✭✭
    Hi @Rych_Kam! 😎

    This is because there are 2080 levels on mobile devices and 2140 levels on Windows 10, FOR NOW (new levels are released every Wednesday).
    The reason why there are always 60 more levels on Windows 10 is because King tests these new levels so they can adjust the number of moves and things like that. 🤩

    I hope this will help you!!! 🍭

    Candy Crush Friends Saga Lover.
  • Rych_KamRych_Kam Posts: 5
    Thank you Mattia_
    So if I could afford to pay for a new OS then I would get the extra levels.
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