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Bubblegum Event Points Reduced

ChokmahChokmah Posts: 7
I've been playing the new Bubblegum Troll Event, so have been checking out score table frequently. Have been stuck on a super hard level for a while, so points have stayed as same level for a while.....  either 423 or 425, not entirely sure which.  Suddenly, this morning, points REDUCED to 400.  What is going on?


  • wafercookieflipperswafercookieflippers Posts: 3,048 Game Expert
    Hi @Chokmah

    That's strange. I have been playing the event myself and have not noticed the point reduction. Is it possible that your team's overall point total has remained the same and the game simplified each player's score to a round number? I believe that works out to be the same. Do you happen to have any screenshots? Or know how many bubblegum levels you have played and won? I would recommend taking screenshots going forward of the scoreboard each day and when you play a bubblegum level. 

    You can also try to post here and see if anyone else has noticed this issue and give feedback. 

    Please feel free to reply and I will continue to help as best I can. Thank you and good luck! 🙂

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  • ChokmahChokmah Posts: 7
    Been playing new Bubblegum Troll event (bit trusting, after last one!). Keep checking the BG Event score screen to see how team is doing (& to check still working!). Been on 425 points for a while, due to being stuck on a super hard level. Today, suddenly, points have REDUCED to 400.  What's going on?  Don't tell me this is yet another glitch......
  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 4,285 Superstar
    Hello @Chokmah - I'm sorry to hear that has happened to you.  Can you please take a screenshot of the 400 points (in case it happens again) and I will check to see if anyone else is experiencing a similar problem.

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  • ChokmahChokmah Posts: 7
    As this happened a few days ago & I've been playing on, I'm not on 400 now.  But I am now taking screen shots every time my points change (go up, one hopes!!), so I have a sequenced, dated record, in case it happens again. But, at least my event hasn't disappeared like the last one did......TWICE !!
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