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Bubble Gum Level reset & missing stickers

DiGiTaL370DiGiTaL370 Posts: 4
edited November 19 in Support
Hey King Team,

I have a problem with Candy Crush friends. My game ID is 1097535750

 I started playing without logging into Facebook. I made some progress on the Bubble Gum levels. Then I decided to log into facebook. Directly afterwards the introduction video of the Bubble gum levels appeared. The next bubble gum level was the first bubble gum level again. So the progress of logging into Facebook did reset my progress on the bubble gum levels. 

The worst thing is: I do not get any stickers for the bubble gum dude any more. After I finish a level I do not get the 20 stickers for the bubble gum dude. And even worse ... I did not even get a bubble gum dude sticker by opening the second chest from the team challenge. I was really looking forward to get the bubble gum guy, but because I logged into Facebook, I am afraid I won't make it in time, because I am unable to progress any further. I am close to the final chest of the team challenge and probably I won't get the required stickers there. Can we do something about it?

What can I do, to get those stickers again?

Best regards


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