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Sending lives to all friends whenever I start and have 5 lives?

I notice that whenever I have 5 lives, I can click on it and send lives to all friends, not that I know any of them or know how to discuss with any of them.  I'm fairly new.  Anyway, one time, when I was out of lives, instead of asking me if I want to ask friends once, it said that someone, whose username I don't feel I should mention for privacy reasons, had sent me an extra life.  I was grateful, but didn't know how to thank her.  So that led me to start sending to all my friends whenever I log on, hoping to either pay it back or pay it forward.  

HOWEVER, I've noticed my number of lives count never goes down from this.  I thought that maybe it only goes down if someone on my list maybe needs a life and accepts it.  But never has my number of lives ever gone down during play.  This has led to me to wonder if either, one, sending out lives doesn't actually reduce a person's number of lives or, two, if I'm wasting my time because this is some glitch and doesn't really work to end up giving anybody any lives or any options to lives.

SO, am I wasting my times sending lives to my entire list of friends, the ones that have been automatically assigned to me, or is this actually benefiting community members, "friends," and I should I keep doing it?


  • GranBarbGranBarb Posts: 222 ✭✭✭✭
    @Bendejo, I'm no expert, or anything other than a player. But... My understanding is that you can send lives when your count is at 5. It won't reduce your count. The only people who actually get lives are your "friends". I get requests from players that I don't know, asking for lives. I'll send them, but they will not get a life unless I am actually "friends" with them.
    Hope this helps answer your question. 
    All's well in the Land of Oz! Just have to keep an eye out for those twisters!
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