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We sent 2 of our Community members to meet our Teams in an exclusive event in London!

QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 6,220 Community Manager
edited November 19 in News & General Discussions
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Because YOU make the Community so special, we thought YOU deserve some sweet treats!

That's why we gave you the chance to join our Teams in Central London for an exclusive event full of exciting surprises.

And it's our members @samm_kml and @foxyfox who got the opportunity to meet me and our sweet CCFS Game Studio last week!
And here is what they took away 🤗

QueenMia: How did you find out about the Community?

 It was a pop up on screen of candy crush game, then I received an email too. 

Foxyfox : I had a problem with my game not loading the quests section in Farm Heroes. I clicked on my settings tab and then Customer tab at the bottom. It then listed a few sub headings and clicked on technical support and it took me to this amazing community site. From here I posted my query and I had a response the same evening. This is an amazing site for information, updates, general help, competitions and just good old chit chat about the fantastic games from king 👑

QueenMia:  What was your reaction when you were told you were invited? Were you expecting it at all?

Samm_kml: I wasn’t expecting it at all and it was a shockingly good surprise when I received the invitation. All of suddenI felt like I am actually part of this community! 

Foxyfox: My reaction when I received the invite, it’s a funny story 😂... My friend plays as well and we are always trying to out score each other. She messaged me with a screenshot of the invitation she received to “meet the team” in London. I was gutted to say the least that I had not received one. I frantically went on all the games playing a few levels and hoping it would pop up 🙈 I then remembered “the community site” and I boldly posted that I would love to join you in London and had my fingers crossed I would be picked. The next night I was playing friends saga in bed while my partner slept (as you do 😉) and after completing a level the invitation popped up on screen, without thinking, I shouted “ OMG YES I GOT AN INVITE” my poor partner jumped out of his skin 😂😂 He clearly was not impressed but ME, I was over the moon 😀 I quickly replied YES and added the date to my diary. Thank you 😘

QueenMia:  On a scale from 1-Bitter to 10-Sweeter than ever, how much were you excited?

FoxyfoxI would have to say 10- sweeter than ever 😃 (my partner not so much with my out burst at 1am 😬)

Samm_kml: I would say at least 9 on the scale 

QueenMia:  What was your impression when you arrived at the venue?

Samm_kml: Excited, everything felt real and tangible. 

Foxyfox: Amazed. Absolutely amazed. Your offices are amazing!! I would love to work there! Very surprised on the amount of people attending the event, I thought there would have been loads of people but I was wrong. I felt very Honoured to be amongst those that were there. It was a fantastic evening and everyone was very friendly 😀.

QueenMia:  What was your favourite thing during the event?

Foxyfox: It would have to be the Artist doing caricatures of people, he was awesome and extremely patient. I just had to have one done and it is fantastic. 

Samm_kml: Meeting the team and players . Playing games for real . Giving feedback and sharing experience.  

QueenMia:  Would you do it again?

Foxyfox: Definitely, the whole evening was amazing 😉❤️

Samm_kml: For sure!

QueenMia:  Any sweetest story you will keep from that day? Anything you want to share? 

Foxyfox: The whole experience was a memory I will Cherish. Just meeting the people behind the games I play everyday was mind blowing. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to meet some of the amazing people behind these games and also for my umbrella gift which I will use proudly in the rain. Thank you ❤️

Samm_kml: I felt welcomed. Enjoyed a lot in lively atmosphere. It was fun getting involved in different activities and was a pleasure to meet the team and other community members. Whole event was very well managed - I would like to say big Thank You 🙏 to everyone involved.

Thank you so much for sharing these memories with us, @samm_kml and @foxyfox! It was really nice to meet you in person!       
Now we want to see these portraits that you got 🤩


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