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Win 30 Gold bars with the Holiday Season Friends!

QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 6,170 Community Manager
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Ho, ho, ho Friends Crew!

As you noticed, the Holiday season has started and some seriously fun events have started in Candy Crush Friends - More info here!

Have you been kind this year?!
We're sure you have and to celebrate a wonderful year together, we have some magical surprises coming for you! 

Play the daily level in the Holiday Calendar to unlock magical Friends... but also for a chance to win 30 Gold bars 🎉

All you need to do is to unlock at least 1 Holiday event character and share with us below by posting your scrapbook.

The more special characters you unlock, the more chances you have to win though! So make sure you come back every week to share your scrapbook! 

5 lucky winners will be pick randomly amongst those who unlocked the Holiday characters. 

Each winners will then receive 30 Gold bars each

The winners will be announced on the 6th of January. 


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The Art Team is sharing a very special one just for you here! Come and download it

Good luck everyone and have the sweetest day 🍒


Terms and Conditions here.

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  • dhpkhanhdhpkhanh Posts: 8
    How do you unlock new character for the Holiday event @QueenMia ? I have played and passed for level 1 today. Thank you. 
  • RobinCorteRobinCorte Posts: 510 ✭✭✭✭✭
    my event is bugged
    I already got it all last year @QueenMia

    after I passed all levels the event closed, then I cleared the cache and when I came back it was at 0, but I already got the reward
  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 1,346 Legend


     You play this event quite normally. It's nothing like the normal saga. Characters will also be unlocked there, and you'll always have to submit a picture at the end of the week. So every week a picture.

     Always at the end of the week.

     I hope I could help you !!!

     Good luck!!!

  • dhpkhanhdhpkhanh Posts: 8
    @Spinnifix thank you 👍🏼
  • tininha1975tininha1975 Posts: 10
    Digite seu comentário
    Not receive It Event

  • tininha1975tininha1975 Posts: 10
    Not receive It event.
  • tininha1975tininha1975 Posts: 10
    Digite seu comentário
    Please,sendo me this Holiday Event.
  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 1,346 Legend

    Hello everyone!

     There are groups of players who will be selected and receive this event. Not all players unfortunately.

     That's coincidental. Maybe you have luck at the next event and be there !!!

     Be patient !!

     Good luck!!!!


  • AlexisM59AlexisM59 Posts: 16
    Spinnifix how do they pick the player's, could you please let me know. Thank You !
  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 6,362 Superstar
    edited December 4
    Hello @AlexisM59 Hope you are having a nice time in our lovely King Community :) 

    Please check this Q & A session, directly from the Friends Studio team "Answers FROM the Studio"  and you can find the answer for your question of why they cannot give the events for everyone at once.  It is the 12th answer in above thread!

    Please let me know if I can be of further assistance :+1: 

    Thank you for posting in the Community!  Have a wonderful rest of the day/evening!

    🍭❄️ It's going to be Friend-Tastic
    Help our Studio for a chance to win 10 Gold bars here 🍭🌟
  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 1,346 Legend
    Nice that the player had asked for it. Since I did not know how the players get these events. Could check your link. There I was able to comment on it. That's nice. And helpful.

  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 6,170 Community Manager
    Hi everyone! 

    As @Spinnifix said, the event won't be available to everyone this time around. If the event did not pop up for you, then it means you won't get it this time. We understand that this is not ideal for many of you, but one of the reasons why this happens is that, we’re constantly aiming for the best player experience and sometimes this means that we need to verify what the best option is. In order to do that, we need to check how different groups experience the game. By giving some players a particular event, and others another event, or maybe no event at all, we can compare the data from those different groups and learn how appealing and fun different elements of the game are. This is how we make sure that we only give our players what they really enjoy! But don't get disheartened if you missed some event. Since it's completely random, you will probably get lucky for the next one!

    You can learn more about how the game Studio works here - It's a very interesting read 😉

    I hope that clarifies but let me know if you have more questions!

    Also, for any issue with the game, please do not post here on the contest, but go to our Support instead. 

    Thank you and happy playing 🍒

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    It's going to be Friend-Tastic ❄️ Find out more here for a chance to win 10 Gold bars!

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  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 1,346 Legend

     That was just an interest in general. I have it, yes and I like it very much. I like this saga in general. She is different and helpful. I prefer this as Jelly. I would like to continue to be present at the event, that I can move forward !!! Is everything alright, thanks

  • NatalaSlayNatalaSlay Posts: 3
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