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(FINISHED) Win 30 Gold bars - Who is your favourite characters!



  • KennaLee06KennaLee06 Posts: 1 Newbie
    Iโ€™m a big fan of Odus! Super cute helpful owl!!! ๐Ÿฆ‰
  • MahivecheMahiveche Posts: 764 Level 5
    My favorite is Santa Yeti but I don,t have it yet :o I like Misty too!
    Very difficult to chouse actually because all of them are useful. The Bubblegum Troll I like a little less, he looks always angry ahahaha and is not so useful or maybe I don't know how to use it well yetย  =) Same think for the kitten, I use him very rarely.
  • BQN537BQN537 Posts: 11,857 Game Expert
    I love โค๏ธ leprechaun ๐Ÿ€ nutcracker the way he throws the pot of gold very cute

    โ€œLife is either a daring adventure, or nothing.โ€ย ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย 
    Helen Keller ๐Ÿฆ‹

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  • johnnyboi337johnnyboi337 Posts: 13 Level 2
    I'm gonna have to agree with most people in the community and say yeti(any style) when in doubt yeti always helps me when I need someone most or stick on a level for a couple days. Very big fan of yeti and the candy crush saga games!๐Ÿ˜€
  • Black39RiderBlack39Rider Posts: 22 Level 2
    Yeti and Misty are the best Characters.
  • stramoniumstramonium Posts: 113 Level 3
    He targets so well, and as a caterpillar he is adorable. Then he is also a fantastic dancer.

    I also like BGT because he gets so mad at me when I lose. His bad mood makes me laugh,
    and then of course also yeti because he is just so good.ย 

    But if you can only choose oneย it must be Dachs.
  • DeepshikhaSharanDeepshikhaSharan Posts: 2,297 Game Expert
    I love the Tiffi character the most. The reason is simple. It is just original. Originality is better than anything.

    A must-see Guide for all New Bees. Start your community journey here!ย ๐Ÿ

    #Odus #VoteForOdus #BringOdusBack Here๐Ÿฆ‰
    Thanks forย Votingย for my new idea!(It will now be implemented!)
    Let's Celebrate December Together!
  • MightyWolfMightyWolf Posts: 11,521 Legend

    My best character is Bubblegum Troll! <3

    This character helps me so much on the entire game, especially in theย Free the Animalsย game mode! ๐Ÿญ๐Ÿฌ๐Ÿซ

    He was trying to mess with Candy Kingdom by throwing so many Bubblegums and he wants to steal the job of Mr. Toffee as a mayor of the kingdom!

    I love him... he is my best character i've seen in the entire Candy Crush franchise!

    His ability is great so far but needs a little bit changes which is collect a 10 yellow candies to get 3 bubblegum bomb instead of 2... it will make it a lot better!

    I have Yeti as my best character too... ;)

    He throws a Wrapped Candy everytime you collect 12 cyan candies for him and it helps me so much to win the levels and he is useful for all game modes! :love:

    He is so cute and especially if you have this costume... he will be more cuter... <3<3<3

    Other characters in the game are amazing and cool as well but these two are my best to be honest! But hopefully there will be new characters coming up to the game better than we have so far...

    Have a great day!


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  • QueenReineerQueenReineer Posts: 205 Level 3
    edited December 2019
    My favourite character Is Bubblegum Troll. I can't understand why some players say he's unpredictable? May be I don't understand that word applied to the game!๐Ÿค” What I find useful Is precisely that he hits (if properly positioned)...12 squares!! In one move!! But the Troll King makes me very nervous when he can't breathe, choking on a chicken bone... I always try to get him yellow sweets really fast. (Last week I dreamed that Tiffy was trying a Heimlich maneuver but she couldn't because her arms were too short forย  the troll's belly ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ)ย 
  • Sofia1992Sofia1992 Posts: 2,494 Superstar
    My favorite? Oh god...I love this question a lot!
    Nutcracker...Nutcracker for the rest of life!
    Oh my god! From where to start and where to finish with that sweet, cutie, adorable , beloved and amazing Nutcracker?
    candy crush saga nutcracker

    *sighed happily*
    Ok...I will tell you what exactly I really really love on him but first, a small story time:
    'It all started in August when I started to play CCFS. To be honest when I started to play this game, it was hard to me to choose between Tiffi, Yeti and Nutcracker because I found them all great and to be honest, I liked Yeti first when I started the game.
    But one day of August, something happened. Something that changed my life and made see Nutcracker with different eyes.
    It was the level 83 (as I can remember). That level was a big pain. I tried with all the characters (Tiffi, Mr.Yeti and Nutcracker)but unfortunately, it didn't work plus I stuck in that level for one week. One week, can you imagine that?
    I've got disappointed so badly and I thought that I stuck in that level forever.
    But a wonder happened so soon. As I didn't know what to do with that hardcore level, I looked the character selection screen again.
    I thought to choose Tiffi but her fish power wasn't enough to save the day and while with Mr.Yeti, his power was great but I had less moves so to use it.
    So, my last solution was Nutcracker. I had to use him. It's just, I had to make a cool stragety and had determination until the end, no matter how many tries it would took me.

    As I opened the level, I looked at Nutcracker. He was ready as always and there, ready to give his best so to help me to pass that level. Looking at him, I filled myself with determination and after two tries, I did it.
    I passed that hardcore level, thanks to him. It was one of the best victories ever in that game!!!
    And it's all thanks to Nutcracker and his determination.
    During in my journey though this game these four months, Nutcracker was always next to my side, ready to help me in 'Dunk the Cookie' levels and 'Spread the Jam' Levels.
    He saved me so many times from those hardcore levels and everytime when a 'Dunk the Cookie' level and 'Spread the Jam' Level appeared with Nutcracker in it, I felt the happiest and the most excited human in whole world and I didn't give a care if it took me one or two or even and three tries in a row in order to pass them.
    Also, his outfits helped me to pass some hard levels too like level 297 when I used Robot Nutcracker and I totally got another sweet victory in my hands.
    Level 297 was another painful level but after few tries, with Robot Nutcracker in my side, I beat it.'

    That was my story and how I completely fell in love with that character.
    He is amazing, great, awesome...Oh goodness....He is simply the best character ever!
    Sweet and cutie in appearance but still ready, determined and powerful with his own way!
    Even if he loses in a level, still he will stand up with a huge smile in his cutie face and that determination in his eyes.
    And even when in level , a player has only 5 moves left, I really loved how he looks at panel and jumps up and down, tries to cheer you up and to give you the determination to finish that level even if you have only 5 moves left.

    Seriously, I hope there are and other players here that they see Nutcracker with the same eyes like me.
    A big hooray to Nutcracker and his unique, powerful ability, his elegant nine outfits and...his sweet, dance victories (seriously between us, Nutcracker should be dancer. He is so good at dancing and with the epic one his romantic tango as King of Hearts. I totally love it as much as I love him too.)
    *In the below screenshot which is not mine of course, you will see Nutcracker's outfits*
    Aren't his outfits so wonderful and great like him?


    Oh and don't forget and the sweet boosters that he gave us and in Candy Crush Saga.
    While everyone wait Santa (Or Mr.Yeti Santa for the gifts) , me from the other side, I play Candy Crush Saga while waiting for Nutcracker to appear and together, to collect those cute music boxes, to find those keys and to get those boosters in the end.
    (With finding Nutcracker and in Candy Crush Saga with those music boxes is like Christmas everyday.) Seriously, he knows how to make my day better and better.
    And don't forget and his smile too (d'awww....He is such a cutie!!!)

    (sighed happily)
    So, my favorite one is noone else than Nutcracker! And I will not change my decision for noone else, no matter what.
    (Don't worry Nutcracker. Tiffi might not notice how great you are but me from the other side I found you awesome!
    So, Nutcracker, I'm with you!)

    Sofia1992: ~ A sweet girl, full of love and passion for Candy Crush Games and Community too!~

    โ˜†And...Friend of Friends, full of imagination and creativity!โ˜†
    Welcome to Analysis, Theories and facts about our Favorite Candy Crush Characters!
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